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::: Drainer's Roundtable :::

It was late night in the evening, the rain has just calmed down and produced a thick hazy fog. The diner now seems much like a lighthouse that shines in the darkness to all passing through the mist filled streets. To Artemis, this will be his last stop for the night. Its has been rough night dueling underground, a few wins here and there and barely won much in duel gambling. Being too tired he doesn't even know why he would even bother stopping by had it not for a note he found in his runnner promising monetary rewards for a possible contract job assignment.

The note said: "Fellow drainer, we've been watching you. And we hold your skills in high regards. Come to Shiawasena tonight. We would like to meet, talk business and discuss a valuable opportunity for you. What do you have to lose? Code phrase upon entry: the rain has passed over."

In his mind, he begins to have a curious yet sinking feeling of trouble ahead. Is this a trap? a trick? At the first sign of threat I will get up and leave, no questions ask. Although, the money and opportunity, given my situation is hard to turn down so easily.

Parking his runner at the back Artemis enters the restaurant greeted by a dark long haired servant "Good evening sir, how may I assist you?" In reply "It seems like the rain has passed over, I'm suppose to meet someone here." "Yes, please, come follow me." Looking around the restaurant for clues, nothing is out of place. A few middle aged drunk men in the bar area being rowdy, a few academy students possibly celebrating a special night out and a few servants cleaning up to close up the store soon.

Artemis was taken to the back section of the diner where a roundtable for seven chairs was waiting for him. One of which is already occupied by a blonde haired drainer. Please wait here and the others should be here soon.

Artemis: Were you the one who summoned for me? What is this about?
Kazuo the Quick: Relax kid, or should i say drainer! I'm quite sure I'm here also for the same reasons your are. So just sit down and lets see where the cards fall. I'm sure we'll know what this whole circus is all about soon enough..."

::: Hidden Transmission :::

An LCD screen lights up with a  bright white light and suddenly an image of three figures appear on screen and comes into focus. With the bright light shinning behind them, only a silhouette of a male figure with a female and a male behind him can be seen. All three were formally dressed.

"Greetings, drainers and mercenaries, at the moment you can refer to me as Rain and my associates Len and Zee. I have chosen each and everyone of you here today because of your skills as a duelist or have seen great potential in you and the possible contributions you can provide as part of a team. I have gathered you all here today for a briefing. This mission will be high stakes and can be very dangerous, but in the end, you will be rewarded greatly for your efforts. if you choose to walk away now, you are free to do so otherwise the rest of you can proceed to the next room for the mission details in private."

"The rest of you can proceed and pick-up a crown each and wear it upon your head. Our main target will be the research facility in the sky. From our sources, Mr. Holmes, has dissapeared and is pressumed dead. This in itself is a mystery. After recent unexplained events, the facility now seems vacant and eeerily quiet of activity. You misssion as a team is to infiltrate the research facility, gather information regarding the site and bring back items that may seem of value or as instructed. A private line will be provided to keep you all connected at all times. To protect your identity, you are encourage to wear a mask throughout this mission. On your mission several  things provided will be a helicopter that will take you near the facility for drop off and will also act as your getaway vehicle after the mission. The latest drainer technology will also be provided for use. If confronted by adversary during the mission simply activate your specially modified drainer duel disc and activate Anchor Function 3. Once augmentation reality has been established, any non-duelist within the radius of the augmented zone are treated as monsters. From there, you draw 6 cards and proceed as if turn has been passed unto you. A duelist can counter act this anchor lock by accepting a duel. Its up to you if you decide to play with anchor 1 or anchor 2 mode from this point on. Work together to your benefit. If you lose a duel, you will be drained of energy converted into numina may pass out or even die. This is a team effort, so see to it that everyone is able to make it out alive. You will be notified through your crowns as further details arise." End of transmission.

::: Episode 01: City Lights :::

Location: Graham's Garage

An open field of golden grains spread as far as the eye can see and falls off into the sun setting horizon. The wind blows as the leaves dance in swirling motion before they scatter in every direction. On a one tree hill, Artemis leans beneath the shades of an aged oak tree and watches his mother play with his sister out in the field chasing butterflies. From behind, a gentle hand reaches for his shoulder and  a familiar voice calls out

"Artemis, son, there you are..."

And just as quickly as it came, the moment passes. The serene land filled with amber coulors turns grey, everything snaps back to reality in a lab of flashing lights in firing in sequence. Mr Graham calls out "Artemis, there you are, its getting late, let finish up here and continue the rest of these repairs tomorrow. I have to leave now so just lock everything up before you go." With a sigh, Artemis looks to the clock and complies to Graham's request. In his thoughts he ponders. Was it worth it even now leaving everything behind for a chance to chase a fleeting dream?

Suddenly a chime rings from Artemis' phone in his pocket signaling an incoming message from an unknown recipient. New text message: Dragon's Den, SD12786419  new site for x-duels, high stakes 11pm tonight find Lax there. This has been the third time this month the location for underground duels has moved to a different site. But given the illegal use of duel pain receptors and the handful effects it does to a duelist in combination with gambling, its not so surprising that feds may be in the process of tracking this criminal activity to its source. To people like Artemis, this is just another way of life and thriving. And with it a thought "I suppose its worth a shot. The competitions skill recently has improved with all new techs and increased in aggressive strategies but the extra cash can come in handy... oh well, no rest for the weary. Doesn't seem like I'll be accomplishing much anymore here." Being familiar with some of the top contenders help in putting down stakes with high chance of win ratio and yet rooting for the underdogs is much more fun.


Name: Artemis Paige
Duel Disk: https://redcdn.net/ihimg/a/img827/6379/yuc0.png
Yen: starting Yen=4000
Student: Yes
Occupation: Mechanic
Year: ???

Mechanics Application
Duel Technology

Numana Drainer/Protector?: Drainer
Age: 24
Race: Japanese-Caucasian
Height: 5'6
Weight: 165 lbs.


Artemis is mostly quiet, reserved and keeps to himself most of the time. He tends to spend more time with machines than interacting with people. Not much of a conversation person unless the discussion is something of interest or of value to him. He has an ongoing facination with old technology incorporated with the new. Currently he works as a local handyman/mechanic in a workshop downtown repairing broken sky boards and other devices while taking some classes at the academy.

At his current state, he simply aims to continue providing funds for his mother and sister who lives in the outskirts of the city while pursuing his goals to certify in the field of technology in hopes of having a shop of his own someday. Life seem routine at the moment. It has never been an easy road for Artemis and he despises people who seem to breeze through life with everything handed over to them while he struggles just to get by. This includes those who claim to have that so called natural talents. Upon his father's death he felt responsible for heading and supporting his family back home he left behind to pursue his dreams. While waiting for the right opportunities to arise, as a double life he participates in underground duels that keep his mind sharp while his heart distracted from life's daily struggles. Duels also gives him a sense of rush and acts as an escape from life's harsh reality. When worse comes to worse, he will go the distance to achive his goals no matter the sacrifice. The lure of fast money is never far from his mind. It takes time to gain his trust but to those who knows him well, knows he's very loyal and trustworthy.


Artemis grew up in the outskirts of Japan, where his family lived in the countryside as farmers/environmentalist. His family has passed on the traditions of farming and the knowlegde of cultivating nature for generations as a way of life. However, Artemis seeing this lifestyle as old school and given his youthful rebellious attitude decided to pursue opportinities within the technologically advancing New Tokyo. Despite his famiy's wishes for him to stay, he strongly believes New Tokyo will bear the promise of a new fruitful life.

With knowledge of farming machinery and equipments, Artemis was able to adapt to his new life in New Tokyo. Shortly after, his father became sick and soon passed away. Artemis had to come back home for a moment to mourn for the loss of a great man and to be with his family to comfort. As part of a will, his father passed onto his son his Nature Deck as a momento for his life and time spend with Artemis as a child. It also included a notebook of personal notes, encouragement and research material regarding Numana.

Six year into the present, Artemis now resides in New Tokyo working at a local workshop for repairs and services while taking some tech classes at Genkai Academy. Despite his time there, he doesn't have many friends and he's he's actually with it. By night, the city has corrupted him with the lure of fast money, gambling and the rush of duel competitions underground...

Father: Frank Paige (deceased)
Mother: Shaira Paige
Sister: Mealee Paige
Workshop Operator/Family Friend: Mr. Graham

--- IMAGE HERE ---

Sky Board Appearance
- Artemis prefers the classic runners than the trending sky boards most commonly used today. Being on the ground he has more control over his terrain path and feels more at ease than in flight.

Current Deck:

Monsters: 18

1x Hieracosphinx
1x Scrap Golem
1x Dark Desertapir
1x Scrap Worm
1x Scrap Beast
1x Scrap Hunter
3x Scrap Kong
3x Scrap Goblin
3x Scrap Shark
1x Scrap Recycler
1x Guardian Statue
1x Earth Effigy

Spells: 14

1x Scrapyard
1x Guts of Steel
1x Scrap Sheen
2x Xyz Burst
1x Full-Force Strike
1x Star Light, Star Bright
1x Unstable Evolution
1x Double Attack
1x Tornado
1x Nobleman of Crossout
1x Monster Gate
1x Xyz Energy
1x Attraffic Control

Traps: 8

1x Skill Successor
3x Scrap Rage
1x Spiritual Earth Art - Kurogane
1x Rock Bombardment
1x The Huge Revolution is Over
1x Xyz Dimension Splash

Extra: 3

1x Scrap Archfiend
1x Scrap Dragon
1x Twin Scrap Dragon
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