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 RTA: Warning System/Rules

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Obsidian Shi En
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PostSubject: RTA: Warning System/Rules   RTA: Warning System/Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 01, 2013 6:54 pm

The following are the rules established by the Ragnarok Turbo Academy that will be applied to all users on the forums and chat room at all times.
There are no exceptions to the rules unless listed or defined by Obsidian Shi En
Any disputes with the rules will be handled by a member of Ragnarok Turbo Academy staff and appropriate action will be taken upon as a result.

Rules on offenses and punishments:-

Class 1: Minor Offenses : 1 Warning

* Necro-posting (Bumping old threads)
* Posting in a language other than English for the sole purpose of excluding the majority of users
* Spamming (Double posting, irrelevant/meaningless posting, off-topic posting)
* Abuse of Profile privileges (signature, avatar, spamlinking)
* Advertising without permission from Obsidian Shi En or a Mod
* Undermining the staff
* NSFW (Not Safe For Work) material
* Making baseless accusations

Class 2: Moderate Offenses : 2 warnings

* Harassment (Trolling, insults, cybering, advertising)
* Evading or attempting to evade bans
* Attempting to find loop holes in the rules with malicious or exploitative intent
* Disruption on either the forums or chatroom (such as ALL CAPS posting)
* Flooding (repeated posts in either the chatroom or forums of the same/similar content)
* Arguing with Ragnarok Turbo Academy staff members on bans, warnings, locked/deleted thread or the rules
* Requesting/posting a users real life information (Such as bank card numbers, passport numbers, telephone numbers, home address', etc.)

Class 3: Serious Offenses : 3 warnings or immediate Permaban

* Cyber crime (Hacking, threats of hacking or attempts to hack, malware posting, identity theft, etc)
* Copyright infringement (Piracy, plagiarism, off-site links to piracy websites)
* Threats of harm or suicide/murder
* Posting pornographic, illegal or serious NSFW material
* Defaming this website
* Using an offensive username
* Hate speech against protected groups
* Astroturfing for malicious means

Exceptions to the rule:
- Taunting of other players in a competitive/fun manner is allowed. However the line is drawn at harassment of other players, with a moderator to determine whether a line has been crossed or not
- Ragnarok Turbo Academy Administrators have the right to change a rule in serious cases of breach or exploitation of the rules with those rules to take effect immediately, those rules can/will be re-evaluated at a later time (within 5 days of enaction) for a consensus vote for a more permanent change or having it only as a temporary rule for a certain period of time
- Serious cases of rule violations can lead to immediate Permaban even with no prior warnings given
- Multiple violations in a short period of time may be given in verbal warnings instead of written ones

Warning System:
1st warning - verbal warning, put on record
2nd warning - written warning, put on record
3rd warning - written warning, put on record, disposal of 50% of your DP
4th warning - written warning, put on record, disposal of 100% of your DP, Timed ban determined on the seriousness of the violations
5th warning - Permaban

To make sure everybody can access the forum at an acceptable speed without having to download outrageous sized signatures I've decided it's important to implement the below guidelines:

The maximum size of a signature should be 5 lines of text OR 1 image with a maximum size of 500px width x 200px height
RTA: Warning System/Rules Examplesig
If you do use an image it must NOT exceed 250kb in size

RTA: Warning System/Rules BvgYT0IRTA: Warning System/Rules HYAlrpA
RTA: Warning System/Rules GXhsoIz
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RTA: Warning System/Rules
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