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 Dirty Goblin Games, Queensbury, NY Tournament 1/8/13

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Obsidian Shi En
Obsidian Shi En

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Dirty Goblin Games, Queensbury, NY Tournament 1/8/13 Empty
PostSubject: Dirty Goblin Games, Queensbury, NY Tournament 1/8/13   Dirty Goblin Games, Queensbury, NY Tournament 1/8/13 I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 09, 2013 3:02 am

I played my samz in a tournament today and came in 5th, had i not of screwed up, I woulda been in top 4 and whatnot, but it was good, here was my record:

Round 1- vs Hieratic (which came in 1st) L 2-1
Round 2- vs Chaos Dragons W 2-0
Round 3- vs Agent Fairy W 2-0
Round 4- vs Dark World W 2-0
Round 5- vs Macro Rabbit W 2-0
Top 8 Match- vs Macro Rabbit (which came in 4th who I also played in Round 5) L 2-1

My friend Nick Fritzen which came in 24th at a regional this format with Evols used Chaos Dragon and came in 2nd for the 4th straight week lol

I opened gateway 2 times the entire day. Yet still 2-0 good players lol. Six Samurai can win without gateway. United isn't a problem so that can get thrown out the window. Gateway only helps Six Samurai do more. Nothing is getting hit so that won't matter. It will be a few more formats before Gateway gets hit, maybe more. It all depends on how derpy Six Samurai get.

The GAME I lost in the Top 8 match, I thought I had the 1800 and he had the 1700 and I didn't notice Zanji was in my deck, I thought it was in Grave. So I used Dark hole, followed by Heavy, then ROTA for Enishi and thought it was game but he came back cause he top decked like a boss.

Top 6 was as follows: (I don't know who came in 7th or 8th lol)
1. Scott (Hieratics) x-2
2. Nick F. (Chaos Dragons) 4th time in a row lol x-2 then lost to Scott in finals
3. Tom (Wind-Up) x-1
4. Dang (Macro Rabbit) Beat me for this lol had I not of messed up, I would have faced Nick F. in top 4 x-2 then lost to Nick F. in Top 4
5. Me (Six Samurai) x-1 lost to Dang in Top 8
6. Weston (Ninja Chaos Dragon) x-2 lost to Nick F. in Top 8

Dirty Goblin Games, Queensbury, NY Tournament 1/8/13 BvgYT0IDirty Goblin Games, Queensbury, NY Tournament 1/8/13 HYAlrpA
Dirty Goblin Games, Queensbury, NY Tournament 1/8/13 GXhsoIz
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Dirty Goblin Games, Queensbury, NY Tournament 1/8/13
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