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Welcome to United Duel Academy. Please stay active and make a good use of the forum.
Make sure you read the academy rules here.
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 RTA: Staff Position Openings

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Obsidian Shi En
Obsidian Shi En

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PostSubject: RTA: Staff Position Openings   Tue Jan 01, 2013 7:21 pm

We are looking for HARD WORKING individuals who can dedicate their time to helping our Academy not only grow, but to improve its social infrastructure and get our name out there. By applying for one of the positions listed below, you acknowledge you will be helping reach this goal, and by doing so you will accept all responsibility of a task given to you.

This includes fulfilling an admin's request, emptying out the testing queue, making graphics, and/or anything that might need to be done.
Read below each open position and the duties that come along with it, before applying. You shall accept full responsibility for the spot you're applying for.

  • As an Administrator for Ragnarok Turbo Academy, you will have power over all except one another and Obsidian Shi En (Chancellor of this academy). You will work hard to make sure that everyone is abiding by the Rules and Regulations of this forum.

Graphics Designer:
  • You will be brought on to a team full of graphics designers to complete and/or originally make banners/buttons/signatures/avatars (not at request) all around and across the site. These will need to be of HIGH quality and will be subject to approval by the head administration. You will also need a portfolio of your work to be shown to us upon applying.

War Manager:
  • You will be in charge of managing clans/teams and making sure they're properly formed/disbanded. You shall have full knowledge of the Battle Arena, War rules and formats, and able to conduct operations in these areas when the time sees fit. Creating ideas for wars, and events involving wars is a plus.

  • You will be assigned to a group of moderators to make sure things are kept PG-rated inside the chat and forum. You will need to be able to speak proper English, know ALL of the forum rules, and help/guide users to threads relating to questions they may have. You will also impose a '3 strikes and you're out' policy when it comes to handling the user base.

Event Manager:
  • You will be able to come up with ideas and marketing to drive users into participating in events in which relate to the game as well. This may range from user-run tournaments, activities centered around Duel Points and/or having a general scheme in which involves both and/or many other plans you can come up with. You WILL need to able to properly type in English and use correct grammar/syntax when hosting these events. Illiterates, please do not apply. We don't want to proof read your posts.

Dorm Teachers:
  • You will be able to prepare lesson plans that center around the TCG/OCG. Giving students viable lessons on what's top-tier, low-tier and/or general tips on how to become better duelists, mentally and physically. Whipping up our academy students in to top shape no matter what Dorm they are in. Again, you WILL need to be able to properly type in English and use correct grammar/syntax when giving lessons/homework/etc. DO NOT apply if you cannot form a proper sentence and/or need people to proof read your posts.


• These staff positions are TENTATIVE. Meaning, they are not permanent. If we see you are not doing anything with your position, you WILL be removed.
We understand these are voluntarily done, but if you are here to just sit around and do nothing, DO NOT apply.

• ALL of these positions require you to KNOW basic English, correct grammar and syntax. If you type like crap, and no one can understand you, you WILL be removed.

• YOU MUST BE OVER 18 YEARS OF AGE TO APPLY TO ANY OF THESE POSITIONS. If you are not 18, you WILL NOT be hired and your application will be discarded.

• Once you APPLY by filling out the form, DO NOT resend applications. They will be ignored and/or deleted. You WILL NOT ask staff about your application, and you WILL not spam the form with repeated applications. If you do so, you will be banned.

In order to apply for these positions, you must PM Obsidian Shi En and get approved in order to receive the position. No other member of the academy is given the authority to give the position unless told so by Obsidian Shi En.

Here is the form to PM to Obsidian Shi En:
Quote :
Forum Username:
DN Username:
Time Zone:
Age (Date of Birth):
Position Applying for:
Reason for applying:
What makes you think you have what it takes for the position?:

Good Luck![list][*]


TheYugiohSpartan, ONLY on YouTube
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PostSubject: Going to War :D   Fri Jan 04, 2013 5:00 pm

Hey Obsidian.. I'd like to apply for War Manager... just to take it on and see how far I can get... not necessarily for the whole RTA but maybe a division of it...

Forum Username: Entr0py
DN Username: Entr0py
Time Zone: EST
Age (Date of Birth): 18+
Position Applying for: War Manager
Reason for applying: new opportunities and challenge for 2013! RTA activity!
What makes you think you have what it takes for the position?:

I have been quite active with RTA since the beginning and I'm quite knowledgeable game-wise mechanics and events. Hosted several activities in RTA and DN Forums.
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Chaos Neo
Chaos Neo

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PostSubject: Re: RTA: Staff Position Openings   Fri Jan 04, 2013 6:14 pm

Forum Username: Chaos Neo
DN Username: Chaos Neo
Time Zone: US Central
Age (Date of Birth):16 4/14/96
Position Applying for: War Manager
Reason for applying: I used to be a War Chancellor and really enjoyed it during the time I held the position
What makes you think you have what it takes for the position?: I have experience being a War Chancellor and have contacts and have networked with other academies in the past. I also have organized clans in my previous academy. I just think that based on my experience I could do a great job Smile
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Ra Yellow

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PostSubject: Re: RTA: Staff Position Openings   Sat Jan 05, 2013 2:52 am

i wish i was 18 or older im only 15 meh D:<
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Ra Yellow

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PostSubject: haha idk what to put   Wed Jan 09, 2013 9:32 pm

Haha, I bet you guys didnt even see the PM part. So you posted here >_> PM The man
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PostSubject: Re: RTA: Staff Position Openings   

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RTA: Staff Position Openings
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