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 Wind-Up post-March 2013 Ban List...Good???

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Obsidian Shi En
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Wind-Up post-March 2013 Ban List...Good??? Empty
PostSubject: Wind-Up post-March 2013 Ban List...Good???   Wind-Up post-March 2013 Ban List...Good??? I_icon_minitimeTue Feb 19, 2013 9:24 pm

There is an otk with them still without Carrier and magician to 1 lol XD like this list really affected them a lot, granted you need certain cards in hand but it is easy to get done.

Let's say opening hand:
Shark, MST, Summoner Monk, Tenki, Bottomless.
Draw into any spell or trap.
Summon Summoner Monk and pitch a spell for his effect (MST if you dont draw a spell to seperate from) and Summon Magician.
Special Shark from hand and trigger Magician.
Summon Wind-Up Rat with Magician.
Overlay Magician with Monk for Papilloperative.
Effect of papi to change rat to atk mode by detaching magician.
Effect of Rat to ss Magician. Make Shark level 3, trigger Magician.
Magician summons another Rat.
Overlay Rat used and Shark for an Invoker.
Invoker, detach shark to ss Soldier.
Overlay into another Papi with Soldier and Magician.
Papi effect to detach magician to switch rat.
Effect Rat to ss Shark, make him level 3.
Overlay into Giga-Brilliant then effect.
8800 Damage on board, gg?

and if your going first, you may as well do the same type of loop, but go with Shock Master instead.

Wind-Up post-March 2013 Ban List...Good??? BvgYT0IWind-Up post-March 2013 Ban List...Good??? HYAlrpA
Wind-Up post-March 2013 Ban List...Good??? GXhsoIz
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Wind-Up post-March 2013 Ban List...Good???
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