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 Tournaments & Events - Basic Rulings

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PostSubject: Tournaments & Events - Basic Rulings   Tournaments & Events - Basic Rulings I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 01, 2013 7:47 pm

These are the rules that apply to all official tournaments in RTA. These rules will be respected and by signing up to a tournament you must agree to the follow statements before signing up!

1. I will not disrespect my opponent. I understand if this happens, there will be consequences and a likely chance of getting disqualified.
2. I will no cheat. I realize that if this happens, I will not only get banned from a tournament, but I will get punished from the forum.
3. I will do my matches. I realize that if I don't do my match by the deadline, I will receive a one tournament suspension. To avoid this, I will keep myself active and alert in the tournament thread just in case I can't reach my opponent.
4. Respect the host. I will respect the host of the tournament and not argue about his match ups or decisions.
5. I will not make excuses for a game. If my connection messes up, it is my fault and my opponent wins that game regardless.
6. I realize that if I break any of the following rules above, it may cause a ban in the forum.
7. If I ever go inactive and in the end get disqualified from the specific tournament I want my DP substracted by 250.

Admins have the right to suspend you from a tournament(s). You must obey the rules and you will be safe. Keep in mind that those rules will be applied to signing up, so if you sign up you agree that the above won't happen. More rules will be added soon. Keep updated.

Tournaments & Events - Basic Rulings BvgYT0ITournaments & Events - Basic Rulings HYAlrpA
Tournaments & Events - Basic Rulings GXhsoIz
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Tournaments & Events - Basic Rulings
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