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 Chicago WCQ was dissapoining...

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Chicago WCQ was dissapoining... Empty
PostSubject: Chicago WCQ was dissapoining...   Chicago WCQ was dissapoining... I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 15, 2013 11:07 am

hey all, just checking to see how everyone is here at RTA. I just came back from WCQ chicago and while i was able to go only on Friday, I was very much dissapointed with Konami on how they hosted such an event that's on a national level. I've seen state YCS run much much better. The participant outcome was actually numerous, the site location was great (Navy Piers Downtown Chicago), security was the best it has ever been with bag checks but the organization of the event itself was horrible. The sign up-lines for LCQ is very long and combined with public event sign-ups with few attendants while there were plenty in the main event registration most of which were just sitting around. Plenty of officials and non-konami volunteers (out sourced) that doesn't have a clue on what was going on and when asked simple questions kept saying "oh, i'm busy right now..." and just walks away. Public events take at least an hour in line just to register, an hour or two wait before it starts and more waiting before duels can actually begin. Speakers were so muffled with noise you can't tell if they are announcing events, speaking a different language or calling out bingo numbers. Shame shame on you konami!

I've never gone to WCQ before only YCS and if this is what i am to expect then the event itself is not worth it. Oh well, at least chicago is always a nice place to visit even if not for YGO.

On other news...

Happy birthday to Natsune! (Shiki Monk) and belated to Axel!!!
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Chicago WCQ was dissapoining...
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