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PostSubject: I FOUND IT   I FOUND IT I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 16, 2015 11:08 pm

Subject: Farewell UDA! Tue Jul 24, 2012 1:38 pm Select/Unselect multi-quote Reply with quote Edit/Delete this post
It saddens me that this time has come. I hoped that UDA would have flourished and become great. We were on the verge of becoming an active community with more members and now, all that has come crashing down. So i will address my farewells and be on my way. I shall address the first to obsidian shien.

Obsidian Shien: You were a great leader bro. We've only dueled once before and we haven't talked too much, but i can see you've created close bonds with your members. I was proud to be a member of UDA.

Chaos Neo:My first friend on UDA. He was also the one who recruited me. A man of few words, i think Neo was a cool guy. Razz

Ice Chevalier:Ahh the guy who i called "Mother". He sure did a good job playing that role, helping me with deck building and encouraging me to try new things. Aside from that, i considered Ice a good friend who can run a tight macro cosmos deck.

321Toxic123:The guy who i called "Father". I always considered him sort of a father rival, as his sabers and my blackwings always competed. He gave words of encouragement and congratulations like a real one too Razz.

Aceee:Aceee would have to be one of my best friends on UDA. Ever since he joined we've been dueling and doing everything together. He was part of me and gioperd's trio Very Happy. Aceee bro i know you'll perfect that scrap deck soon Very Happy.

Gioperd115: I'm sad to know that Gio might not be back in time to see this,knowing that UDA is shutting down and a new website is coming up. Gioperd was fun to have around. Part of me and Aceee's dueling trio Very Happy the three of us would always compete. I find it ironic how the site goes down after he leaves :/

Blaster Blade: Ah one of the more inactive members, I consider blaster a good friend. We had some good duels and he is one awesome SFX artist Very Happy.

! Xyz Master!: Xyz was my favorite admin of all time Very Happy. We weren't able to talk too much before he was replaced by !Darklord!.

Deathclaw117: IDK what to say about deathclaw. We only talked on a few occasions and only had a couple of duels. He was a cool guy and the roleplay was fun with him around Very Happy.

Codknight: Ah Fishknight! He was one of my favorite Ra yellow guys. I count him as a good friend, just as i do Aceee. He runs a good D.D Deck Very Happy.

Yukitoriyoma: Yuki was one of my other good friends Smile. He's a great duelist and fun to have around. I'm just sad that he couldnt make it to the RTDK Roleplay. Apparently some idiot named shining samurai took his place >.>.

12/21/12: I could say a lot about his like how he's bitter and he's a killjoy and whatnot, but End of the World was fun to have around. He was a really cooll guy. Just sad he left :/.

Shining Samurai: As yukitoriyoma's replacement, samurai was pretty cool. He was a fun roleplay partner in the RTDK roleplay. Nice knowing ya!

Direct Hit: Direct buddy, i never thought i would be writing this farewell. I remember it was you who wanted to quit UDA because of 12's fits, but i convinced you to stay. Now i'm the one leaving :/. It was nice knowing you Direct, if you need to test any decks out, you know where to find me Razz.

!Darklord!: Darklord!! He became mah third favorite admin after 12 . Not such a good replacement for Xyz Master, but we did talk a lot and he became a good friend Very Happy.

Well, if i missed anyone sorry, but i'm doing this off the top of my head Very Happy. It was nice being a part of the UDA community, it's truly a sad end for this site. But hey, it's only the beginning! Enjoy the new website guys!

P.S. Ahahahaha Gazious probably went crazy after seeing that i made two seperate sections for darklord and xyz master XD.

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