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--- here is is ---

::: PILOT: Part 1  ::: by: Entr0py
(to edit: duels missing details)

Location: Neo Domino Innovation Center
Date: 2158 - Dueling and professional elite duelists has become a way of life and mainstream as movies, sprots and celebrities.

The city is full of lights and activity tonight as the Annual Fall Innovation Festival opens up for its 40th annual convention. Many engineers, scientists, celebrities, news reporters and even renowned elite duelists from across the globe are in attendance to see the next innovation and technology to be presented here tonight. Most are here to witness the revealing of the renowned "Ion Fusion Core Project" which is said to hold the solution for unlimited energy resource. Other showcase project to be presented is the next evolution in Vision Tech Solid Mass Technology and along with duel demonstrations. With high profile names around security is very tight with plenty of authorities on the premise and on guard. All is now in place and ready for the show. Surely nothing could go wrong tonight. Everyone gathers around the Colosseum arena for the grand opening.

"I welcome you all to a special night of spectacle and excitement" announced the MC as fireworks blazed the skyline. "It is with great honor that I present you our host for this evening and the Chairman of Neo Domino Innovation Convention Center, Mr. Mizaku." Applause came from everywhere and the roar of the crowd gives a deafening cheer. "And to start off the night I present to you two of our brightest elite duelist; the current world champion Zeke and the 5 time world champion Vizor. Both here today to give us a demonstration in professional dueling using the latest in Vision-Mass technology."

Zeke: Long time Vizor... I thought you already quit dueling after I took your title? hahaha
Vizor: Not long enough Zeke, aren't you the comedian tonight, maybe you should quit dueling and do that instead. Are you ready to give me back the title you stole from me?
Zeke: Ha, not a chance, this title is mine for a reason, but I'd like to see you try. Come and get it...
Zeke/Vizor: *Duel Disk Activates* LET'S DUEL!

TURN 1: Zeke 4000 LP
- Zeke Overextends his opening and summons out Stardust Spark Dragon and Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack with two tokens and a set back row. (hand size 5 -> 0). The audience cheer in awe of both monster's realism and grandeur in size.

TURN 2: Vizor 4000 LP
- Vizor: Great opening, I wasn't expecting anything less... but going all out first turn I'm not impressed.
- Vizor Summons out Number 66: Master Key Beetle and set three back row. He then activates Master Key's effect to protect the one in the middle. (hand size 6 -> 1)

TURN 3: Zeke 4000 LP
- Zeke activates Mecha Phantom Beast Dracossack effect by tributing a token to destroy a card but is negated by Vizors' chained Fiendish Chain "So predictable but I'll play along. I'd like to enjoy this moment. I set 1 card and end my turn" (hand size 1 -> 0)

TURN 4: Vizor 4000 LP
- "Don't take me so lightly, I'm not known as a multi-world champion by playing newbies in this game, Master Key Beetle effect on newly Set Monster and I set 1 more backrow, pass turn..." (hand size 2 -> 0)

Suddenly the city block blackouts into darkness with only the glow of duel disks illuminating the center the arena and the light emanating from their summoned monsters on the field. Within a few seconds, the convention center back-up generators kick start as emergency light produce a feint florescent glow. High up in the control panel, Lead Security Grifter and his crew gaze into a monitor that slowly comes back online. On the phone Mr. Mizaku asks: "What the hell just happened?" A security moderator in his station speaks up, "Sir, i can't explain it... but it seems the city lost power. Our fail safe system didn't activate or was blocked causing our facility system to do a malfunction and perform a complete reboot. We may have been compromised." The crowd in the arena starts to talk among themselves in this unexpected turn of event. "That's impossible, this is a state of the art system and a highly secured perimeter" Grifter replied "What or who is causing all this? I want a trace route and a full report immediately. The rest of you do everything you can to put things back online!"

In the arena Zeke looks around in the dark as he stands with his disk acting like a beacon lantern in the night: "Should we even continue?" Vizor unfazed by the circumstance and still eager to battle replies "I just ended my turn, make your move. I waited too long for this and I will not be robbed of my victory again. Not from you!"

Then On the Arena Screen appears... Duel Mode: Battle Royal. Turn 5: Daemon.

TURN 5: Daemon. 6000 LP
- activating unknown field spell "Exile Fortress"... "This card is unaffected by card effects. Upon activation anyone not dueling within the field zone perimeter will receive field damage. All monsters you control gain 500 Atk and Def. Once per turn during your main phase you can perform a pendulum summon of level 4 monster(s) from your hand." A virtual mechanical field soon envelops the whole arena and everyone in it is immediately electrocuted as screams of pain echo throughout the coliseum. The two duelists in the arena are unaffected as two transparent bubble appears to protect them. The screams or agony and electrocution continues until all but two remained standing in the middle of the arena.

Above the arena a helicopter shining a spotlight in the sky breaks the clouds and reveals itself.  At the highest point on the east side of the coliseum four mysterious figure masked by the shadows come down from the helicopter using 2 ropes from each side. A male figure (Exile #5% with long hair stays at the back while three position themselves in front. The three front agents (Exile #1, Exile #2 and Exile #3) then activates their duel disk as it begins to hum.

Exile Agent #5: The long haired figure begins to speak "Make this quick, I will personally seek out the Ion Fusion Core myself" and walk out into the backdoor behind him and disappears.

Zeke: Who are you and what do you want?
Vizor: How dare you interrupt this duel, do you know who I am?! I will see to it that you all will pay for this!
Exile Ageny #1: Shut up! You both are in no position to make demands. We know all about you two. We are The Exiles and our objective here is non of your business. But the three of us, as a unit, will enjoy tearing you both apart."

Each of the Exiles draws 1 card during the draw phase.

Exile Ageny #3: "We work as a unit, and therefore we will share each phase of this turn (still limited to 1 normal summon/pendullum summon/set, share the same life points and field size limit). And to make it interesting we're raising the pain level by 5 for each damage taken. Let's Duel!"


Zeke - Current Duel World Champion
Vizor - Previous World Champion; 5 Time World Champion
Mr. Mizaku - Chairman of Neo Domino Innovation Convention Center
Grifter - Lead Security Coordinator for Neo Domino Innovation Convention Center

Daemon - ???
Exile Agent #1 - The Scientist
Exile Agent #2 - The Muscle
Exile Agent #3 - The Strategist
Exile Agent #4 - Second in Command (Pilot)
Exile Agent #5 - Leader of the Exiles

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PostSubject: Re: ::: FanFic Place Holder :::   ::: FanFic Place Holder ::: I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 22, 2014 12:20 am

::: PILOT: Part 2 :::

TURN 5: DAEMON (Exiles 6000 LP)

Exile Agent #3: (hand side 6)

Dark Hole, ???, ???, ???, ???, ???

- "I'll star us off by entering our Main Phase 1, I play "Dark Hole" (in response Zeke activated Spark Dragon effect to protect itself while Vizor activates his protected set backrow "Safe Zone" to target his Master Key Beetle; Mecha Phantom Beast is Destroyed along with the token on Zeke's side of the field and Fiendish Chain on Vizor's s/t zone).

Exile Agent #1: (hand side 6)

Tour Guide, Diamond Core of Koa'ki Meiru, Koa'Ki Meiru Maximus, ???, ???, ???

- I Normal Summon from my hand "Tour Guide from the Underworld" in face-up attack position and uses its effect to special summon another copy from the deck. I then Xyz summon both monsters to summon "M-X-Saber Invoker."  I continue by activating "Diamond Core of Koa'Ki Meiru" from my hand to search out "Iron Core of Koa'Ki Meiru" from my deck to my hand. I use Invoker's special effect to detach a xyz material and summon "Koa'ki Meiru Urknight" in defense position. Activating Urknight's effect by revealing Iron core from hand to special summon "Koaki'Meiru Crusader" from my deck. I overlay Urknight and Crusader to xyz summon "Castel the Skyblazer Mysketeer" and activate its effect to return Safe Zone back into Vizor's hand destroying Master Key Beetle and negating the protection on Vizor's face down monster.  Now, by removing the Iron core from my graveyard I special summon "Koa'Ki Meiru Maximus" using its effect to destroy one card on the filed, Vizor's face down monster... well, now are you both confident with your backrow protection?

(Zeke: 1 backrow card)
(Vizor: 2 backrow card)
(Exiles: with the 500 Field Attack Boost: Invoker 2000 Atk, Castel 2500 Atk,  Maximus 3500 Atk)
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