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 Created cards I made

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Created cards I made Empty
PostSubject: Created cards I made   Created cards I made I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 15, 2013 12:13 pm

I made these for a contest on EDA, so I decided to post the link here as well

Here is a deck list I made along with it for the contest

Main 40
3x FF8 - Seifer Almasy
2x FF8 - Squall Leonheart
2x FF8 - Zell Dincht
2x FF8 - Quistis Trepe
1x FF8 - Rinoa Heartilly
3x FF8 - Selphie Telmitt
3x Balamb Garden
3x Limit Break
1x FF8 - Angelo
1x FF8 - Gilgamesh
3x Trigger
2x FF8 - Irvine Kinneas
3x Terraforming
1x Solemn Judgment
1x Mirror Force
3x Mystical Space Typhoon
3x Angelo recover
3x Invisible moon

Extra 15
1x FF8 - Siren
1x FF8 - Shiva
1x FF8 - Quezacotl
1x FF8 - Odin
1x FF8 - Bahamut
2x FF8 - Ifrit
1x FF8 - Leviathan
1x FF8 - Alexander
1x FF8 - Diablos
1x FF8 - Eden
1x FF8 - Doom Train
1x FF8 - Brothers
1x FF8 - Pandemona
1x FF8 - Phoenix

2x FF8 - Rinoa Heartilly
3x FF8 - Sorceress Rinoa
1x FF8 Spell - Ultima
3x FF8 Spell - Draw
1x FF8 - Carbucle
1x FF8 - Cerberus
1x FF8 Spell - Curaga
1x FF8 Spell - Firaga
1x FF8 Spell - Blizzaga
1x FF8 Spell - Meteor

There's 3 styles of decks you can make with the cards, FF8 Beat Down based, FF8 Lock-down Based, and FF8 Spell-Burn Based, They are all about even in power except that spell has a fatal flaw of relying on magic cards, This deck is a FF8 Beat Down with a spell side
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Created cards I made
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