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 Testing Rubric

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Obsidian Shi En
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Testing Rubric Empty
PostSubject: Testing Rubric   Testing Rubric I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 01, 2013 7:43 pm

Current List of Testers:
Obsidian Shi En

Look for them in the chat box or in-game, and ask them for a test after reading the rules.

Test Duels will consist of 1 Match.

Match Rules:
Quote :
Forbidden List: The most recent Forbidden List must be used
Allowed Cards: TCG/OCG

Banned Decks:
Quote :
Stall Decks
Burn Decks
Deck-Out Decks
Dino/Evilswarm Rabbit
Chaos Dragons
Dark World
Fire Fists
Fire Kings
Dragunity Assault Mode (Or any variant which includes, Hopeless Dragon/Disaster Dragon)
Six Samurai

Testers will be personally informed on what Decks/cards they cannot use. These will be in addition to the above lists.

Duels: (30 points)
Lost Match X-X-x = 0 points
Lost Match O-X-X = 8 points
Lost Match X-O-X = 12 points
Won Match O-X-O = 20 points
Won Match O-O-x = 25 points
Won Match X-O-O = 30 points

If a player quits during the match, 0 points will be given by default.
Every Duel that ends in a Draw during the Match will be worth 5 points. If the end result of the entire Match is a Draw, 15 points are awarded instead.

Deck: (30 points)
A testee will also be awarded for his/her deck building skills. The things a tester will consider are:
- Total Deck count
- Sophistication
- Consistency
- Synergy
- You will also be scored highly if your deck is original, creative and consistent.

Performance: (40 Points)
A testee will also be awarded for his/her performance during the Duels. These include, but are not limited to:
- Amount of cards that are commited to the field without protection.
- Timing and judgment.
- A player will be scored highly if they can generate an advantage, come back from a disadvantage, or make a comeback win.
- NOTE: Testers will EXPLAIN situations/plays in each duel to further emphasize the points awarded (or deducted) for each performance section.

Bonus: (2 Points)
A player will also be awarded for his (positive) attitude. A total of 2 points can be added or deducted as Bonus Points for attitude:
-2 Points = Insulting the tester
-1 Point = Whiny behavior
0 Points = Neutral/minimal behavior
+1 Point = Standard “GL & HF” etc.
+2 Points = Good sportsmanship, respectful, overall good attitide

Test Results will look as follows:
Quote :
Duelist: (Name here)
Tester: (Tester's name here)
Date: (Date here)
Replays: (Upload both matches' replays to Mediafire, and include the link in the results.)

Duels (x/30):

- Matched game: WIN/LOSE. Points awarded for (X-X-O/O-X-X/X-O-X, etc.)

Deck (x/20) [Deck name here]:

Total deck count:

Performance (x/40):

- Will include situations in where the testee was involved in generating field advantage, hand advantage or making comeback plays. Explain in detail
why you gave or took points away.

Bouns (x/2):

- Points for attitude/sportsmanship will be here.

FINAL score (x/100):
- Award dorm room placement.

Dorm Placement:
You will be put in Obelisk Blue if your score is 85 or higher.
You will be put in Ra Yellow if your score is between 63 and 84.

Testing Rubric BvgYT0ITesting Rubric HYAlrpA
Testing Rubric GXhsoIz
TheYugiohSpartan, ONLY on YouTube
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Testing Rubric
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