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 Duel Arena Rulings

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Duel Arena Rulings Empty
PostSubject: Duel Arena Rulings   Duel Arena Rulings I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 01, 2013 7:49 pm

That's a friendly and official way to earn Duel Points (DP)

You can challenge a RTA user to a duel. Whoever wins must post a screen shot or a Replay. AND the loser needs to come here and confirm his defeat.

About tag duels: It's 2x2. 2 different RTA users against 2 different RTA users.

Any other case, such as 2x1 duels, won't be counted.

Duel modes supported:
Match duel;
Tag duel;
Multiple single duels (at least 3), the number of games must be odd.
(in the latter case, the combination of all single duels will be counted as 1 single game)

All players are only allowed 1 post. After this, an Adm or a MOD will award the value and lock the topic.

The screenshot must clearly show the entire game screen. The game has to have ended in order for the screen to be counted.

BANNED decks:
Quote :
Stall Decks
Burn Decks
Deck-Out Decks
Final Countdown

Important info:

If the opponent doesn't respond for 30 minutes, (either due to side decking crashing or other non-sense) the responsive person will be rewarded.
The winner is awarded 50 DP and 5 xp.
The loser is awarded none.


Post1 (spore): Spore vs Bob. I won by 2x1, here are the replays/screenies
Post2 (bob) : Confirmed. I did accept the duel.
Post3 (adm) : DP and XP awarded. Locked.

Duel Arena Rulings BvgYT0IDuel Arena Rulings HYAlrpA
Duel Arena Rulings GXhsoIz
TheYugiohSpartan, ONLY on YouTube
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Duel Arena Rulings
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